How to setup streaming

This is a first draft. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I am running a Javelin RTMP Server that you can send video to similar to how you can send things to or YouTube. This means you won't need to bother with opening any ports or having the bandwidth to stream to multiple people.


  1. Install OBS Studio
  2. Let the wizard set everything up
  3. When prompted for where to send the output, choose custom and then use "rtmp://" and set the stream key (ask for it in discord or some other chat)
  4. Click the plus button in the "Sources" section and choose "Display Capture"
  5. Accept the defaults by clicking "OK"
  6. Advanced steps for configuring audio devices will be added later. For now, you might want to set the "Mic/Aux" slider all the way to the left to turn it off. Discord will still echo though.
  7. Click "Start streaming" and you should see a green square in the bottom corner if it is working.

Additional authentication might be added in the future, but this is easy for now.

Troubleshooting steps will be added here as we run into issues.


  1. Install MPV
  2. Open MPV
  3. File > Open URL...
  4. Enter "rtmp://".

You probably want to mute their audio since you will likely be in discord with them and get an echo.

Common streams

You can view all active streams here (password required).

I might build a website that automates viewing everyone else's streams, but that either requires flash or adds a delay of ~30 seconds. So for now, MPV works best.